October 2016

Not really had much success with getting into this blogging thing. I know my blog is there but i never know what to write and then like today when i remember it and think i might do an update, I find I've forgotten my login and password and then go into melt down while trying to fathom out what i need to do to get back into blog land.  I never know how blogs fully work nor am I computer savvy, I pretty much tap a key and hope for the best- failing that there is always a window open to ask google the most basic of eye rolling questions.

Life has been a bit up and down in the last months, i left my job as it was causing me to stress out - rather unnecessary on my part as it was due to the shortcomings of others rather than my own, i now work from home doing book keeping which i do enjoy, although the work tends to be clustered rather than spread out. But.... on the whole it was a good move.

Unfortunately the anxiety has taken its toll and i rarely go out the house apart from when i am forced to. I like to have a routine, I can do the school runs, the work drop offs, but when ever anything else gets thrown into the mix I have to have a military planning session before i can even contemplate going anywhere else, this includes route planning ,time calculations, stressing about unforeseen problems which normally leads to me being unable to focus on anything else . Is this impacting on my daily life and health- Yes, but i don't know how or what to do to help myself.

However, all is not lost, for i have a wonderful wealth of crafting sites to visit on the internet, i have a craft shed with so many goodies stashed in it that i just like to go out to and look at and tidy and rearrange things, it makes me happy.


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